Velda Welkin Starlit Night Pond


Welkin Starlit Night Pond

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Who does not want to enjoy, a long time after sunset, the special atmosphere round the water garden! Especially for ponds Velda introduces lighting objects, which will extend pond fun until the wee-wee hours.

The underwater lighting consists of subtle led bulbs which imitate the reflection of the starry sky.

Welkin Pond Light
13 Leds x 7 lumen Power Factor > 0.5
10.000 Hours kWh / 1000 hours 3 W
On/off 5000 Transformer 12VDC 3W
Non dimmable Cable 5 m SPT1
Instant full light Failure < 5% 1000 hours
Dimensions product Ø 120 mm x 400 mm Failure < 10% 6000 hours
Color Rendering Index > 65 Flux > 80% 6000 hours