VELDA Clear Control 75 Set


Clear Control 75 Set comes complete with:

  • UV-C Unit 36 Watt
  • Green Line 12500 pond pump
  • Filter hose
  • Filter materials and connecting pieces

1-2 weeks delivery.

Available on back-order

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If you want to install a fountain, waterfall or stream, it is important that the pond water will become and remain crystal clear. Clear Control pressure filters can withstand high pressure and the water can bridge a difference in height after the filter. The Green Line pond pump has a large capacity at low energy consumption.

Easy installation

Connect the filter to a dirty-water/pond pump for the circulation of pond water. Use a filter hose to connect the pump outlet to the inflow of the filter. Attach a second hose to the outlet of the filter for backflow to the pond. Place the filter next to the pond and lower the pump under water. Activate the UV-C lamp and the pump by plugging them in. Read the manual first!


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