Ocean Nutrition Frozen Formula1 100G


Oceannutrition Frozen Formula1 100G



Excellent fish nutrition by combining the benefits of frozen foods and the completeness of Formulated Foods • A premium blend of fresh fish fillets, adult brine shrimp, mussels, marine shrimp squid • Contains micronutrients such as vitamins, immunostimulants, carotenoids and attractive natural flavours • Super colour enhancing Natural Formula Aquarium Food with fresh garlic to improve the resistance against parasites • Available in 7 different formula’s to fulfill the nutritional needs of all marine tropicals.

An exquisite blend, specially formulated for carnivorous/omnivorous marine tropical fish • Contains garlic, fresh fish fillets, marine fish eggs, clams, squid, red plankton (calanus), vitamins… • Improves colouration and will help to maintain health and vitality • Ideal in combination with Ocean Nutrition Formula
One Marine Pellets and Flakes.