OCEAN NUTRITION Artemia Brineshrimp Spirulina & Garlic 100g


Ocean Nutrition Artemia Spirulina Garlic 100g Blister Pack

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Whole, high quality Artemia (Brine shrimp) that were quickly frozen with a flash-freezer resulting in whole animals and a minimum of nutrient leaching into the aquarium water. Enriched with the unique combination of Spirulina and garlic. Highly digestible Spirulina algae to enhance the natural colours of your fish and to stimulate a better growth. With fresh garlic to promote health by improving the resistance against parasites while boosting the immune system.
Instructions for use: push out the required amount of cubes into a recipient. Let them defrost, without water, at room temperature during minimum 10 to 15 minutes before feeding.

Frozen foods may defrost in transit, please return to the freezer as soon as possible upon delivery.

Artemia, Spirulina and Garlic.

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