OCEAN NUTRITION Anemone Pellets 5mm 100g


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Our anemone pellets are the ultimate food for many anemone species like Entacmaea, Stichodactyla, Heteractis, Macrodactyla and many more. To fulfil their carnivorous nutritional needs, the pellets consist of a scientifically balanced diet, containing larger fresh prey items like squid, fish and krill. The pellets are an easy and efficient off-the-shelf feeding solution. Their soft semi-moist structure makes the pellets more acceptant and ensures an optimal digestion. On top of that, the pellets are packed with selected molecules to trigger feeding response. The pellet size is 5mm which is ideal for larger anemones, but it can be split into smaller pieces for smaller anemones. Feed every other day. Store at room temperature. After opening, it is advised to store in the fridge (4 – 6°C) for prolonged preservation. Please avoid to leak moisture into the package during use.

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