NT LABS Pro-f Probiotic Tropical



The only Probiotic diet on the UK market for all common community tropical fish species. A highly digestible food that produces amazingly low waste which helps keep your aquarium cleaner for longer.

The new scientifically formulated Tropical Fish Food-Probitoic from NT Labs is a nutritionally complete slow sinking granular food for all common tropical fish species. The 0.8 – 1.2mm granule floats and then particles sink at different rates allowing all fish to feed at their preferred level in the water column.

Tropical Fish Food – Probiotic, also contains NT Labs ‘Stimune’ Beta Glucans to help maintain the immune system and keep your fish healthy. A rich mix of multivitamins with a high level of stablised vitamin C. Loaded with Spirulina which provides anti-oxidants, colour enhancing properties and nutritional elements for the different dietary needs of plant and algae eating fish in your aquarium.

Suitable for Tetras, Guppies, Clown Loaches, Gourami, Mollies, Angels, Ancistrus Dwarf Catfish, Loaches and most other common community tropical fish species.

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120g, 360g, 45g