Jubilee Clips



These unique hose clips are available in double wire or banded clip style. The banded clip style shown are made from stainless steel. The thumb-turn handles can be removed after fitting to provide extra security. Both types are individually colour coded for easy size recognition.
Colour Fits Size
Blue 3/8″ 8mm-12mm
Green 1/2″ 12mm-20mm
Yellow 3/4″ 16mm-25mm
Orange 1″ 20mm-32mm
Red 1.25″ 25mm-40mm
Black 1.5″ 30mm-45mm
Dark Blue 1.75″ & 2″ 40mm-60mm

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12-20mm, 16-25mm, 20-32mm, 25-40mm, 30-45mm, 40-60mm, 8-12mm


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