Jecod “Slave” Dosing Pump


Jecod “Slave” Dosing Pump

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“Slave” Dosing Pump

(can be added to DP-2/DP-3/DP-4/DP-5)
Hardware details:

Blue light LCD display
Battery back up – Clock and the user setting saved if power lost.
Box contents: Dosing Pump, Power adapter
User will need to purchase PVC tubing – (normal airline 4x6mm)
Software details: Master Dosing Pumps

Calibration of each pump volume
Number of doses per day (per pump) 1 – 24
Interval of days for dosing 0 – 30 days (0 = no dose, 1= is every day, 2= every second day, etc)
Dosing volume per dose 1 – 9999ml