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What makes Stendker Discus Feed so good:

They have been breeding discus fish for over 45 years (in Germany) and during this time, we have developed a feed-mix which caters especially to the needs of discus fish. We feed the discus fish in our hatchery exclusively with our Stendker Discus Feed. It contains everything discus fish need for a healthy diet and is ideally suited as a complete feed. Stendker Discus Feed contains a blend of beef heart, vegetable content and much more, which plays a big role in keeping our fish healthy.
When you see our fish, you’ll be able to tell straight away how well they thrive on our Stendker Discus Feed. Why not try our feed and form your own opinion? The quality of a feed naturally depends upon: meticulous feed production, the right mixing ratios of the contents, high-quality ingredients and composition, and gentle processing. You can rest assured that they have taken all of these factors into consideration, so that our discus fish are healthy and thrive.
So that you can feed your discus fish with high-quality, comprehensive and easy-to-use feed, we sell our Stendker Discus Feed as an all-round, complete feed in specialist pet shops. Our Stendker Discus Frozen Feed is available 100-gram blisters and 200- or 500-gram flat blocks.
This wholesome and balanced feed-mix plays an important role in keeping your fish healthy, in ensuring the vibrant colours of your fish, and in promoting good growth and reproduction. Ask your specialist pet shop for information on our discus feed. Tip: using gardening pruners/secateurs, you can easily cut the required feed from the frozen.
Please do not defrost the feed in a kitchen strainer under running water, as this will wash out important vitamins. Frozen foods may defrost in transit, please return to the freezer as soon as possible upon delivery.
We don’t feed our Stendker Discus anything else!
For more information please visit the Stendker website.


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