DD Single Channel Dosing Pump


DD Single Channel Dosing Pump



These smart pumps have been jointly developed between D-D and Kamoer, a company with a strong reputation for the manufacture of medical grade dosing equipment, ensuring a high-quality product with excellent reliability.

The footprint of these new pumps is incredibly small.

The P1 pump provides a simple, flexible and precise control of supplement additions to your aquarium through the easy to use mobile App (Android and IOS)

The small pump incorporates a tiny form factor that is also scalable meaning that you can expand to more units as time goes on and daisy chain them together.

Control of dosing pump via iPhone/Android device
Tiny form factor
Software updatable via the App
Battery Backup – settings saved if power lost
High quality PharMed tubing used in pump heads
Flow Rate Calibration for each P1
If you have multiple P1 Pumps, you can daisy-chain them together and easily assign them to different groups to make things a little more organised.