CIANO EN Pro 120 Aquarium Sets


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Main stand-out features of the aquarium:
• Frames in lacquered aluminium.
• Lid, with full access to the aquarium.
• Food lid for the installation of an automatic feeder.
• Modified cable passage, to keep pump and heater leads neat and tidy.
• Provision for installing an external canister filter (not included).
• Available in 3 colours: gloss black, gloss white, and the new mystic!

CFBIO XL Filtration System:
• Filtration is provided by the all-new powerful and efficient Ciano CFBIO XL which offers all round improvements with extra capacity to the mechanical, biological, and chemical performance. The heater and circulation pump is also enclosed within this unit.

Lighting: Ciano® LED System
• Economic, powerful, dimmable*, and adaptable are the features of the new Ciano® CLE range. This new LED lighting system from Ciano® offers greater light output with less consumption of electricity.

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Pro 120 Aquarium – Black Set, Pro 120 Aquarium – Mystic Set, Pro 120 Aquarium – White Set, Pro 120 Oak Oasis Set


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