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LifeRock™ is an environmentally responsible dry rock that has the appearance and biological benefits of live rock! It is a real aragonitic rock with extensive macro and micro-porosity infused with spored bacteria. It is safe for all fish and inverts and best suited for use in marine and reef aquariums.


-Coralline color helps you to achieve a “mature” look in your tank from day one
-Environmentally responsible to help preserve the oceans
-Spored with beneficial bacteria to help cycle your tank
-Ready-to-use with no cure time
-Designed with nature-inspired knobs and notches that help shapes lock together
-Safe for all fish and invertebrates

LifeRock Caves make great hides for fish (especially eels and grouper). LifeRock Caves are about 11 x 8 x 7, and can stand alone or be used in a larger rockscape.


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