Caribsea Coral Tree South Sea


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Caribsea South Seas Stackable Coral Tree Kit
The South Seas Coral Tree won’t impact the reefs or our ocean’s natural resources. The South Seas Coral Tree kits are made of a naturally occurring aragonitic base rock, which is harvested from natural terrestrial sources, making it the perfect option for the environmentally friendly aquarist. This type of rock contains a network of micro and macro pores that intertwine within the rocks structure, creating lots of surface area for natural nitrifying bacteria.

CaribSea’s South Sea’s Coral Tree kit provides the materials you need to create incredible aquascapes faster and easier than you would have thought possible. Wow your friends and family with rockscapes that turn natural reef rock into gravity-defying, awe-inspiring structures. The Coral Tree provides lots of great mounting areas and platforms for your corals to attach and grow.


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