the PLATINIUM glass heaters feature a high-precision electronic thermostat. temperature can be set in the range between 20 and 33’c and maintained with an accuracy of 0.5’c or better.
the heater has a crematic heat sink and a built-in electronic thermometer.
intuitive temperature aqjustment makes it easy to use.

Product Tank Size Guarantee Wattage Dimensions (Length) Fully Electronic
25w 10-25L 2 Years 25w 20.5cm YES
50w 15-50L 2 Years 50w 22.5cm YES
75w 35-75L 2 Years 75w 22.5cm YES
100w 60-100L 2 Years 100w 24.5cm YES
150w 90-150L 2 Years 150w 28.5cm YES
200w 130-200L 2 Years 200w 28.5cm YES
250w 180-250L 2 Years 250w 36cm YES
300w 230-300L 2 Years 300w 36cm YES

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100w, 150w, 200w, 250w, 25w, 300w, 50w, 75w


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